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Dec 6, 2018
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Nov 28, 2018
First Hummingbird Festival Success
Jun 9, 2017

Learn about western hummingbirds with this beautiful bilingual poster, illustrated by artist Ram Papish. Text on front and back is bi-lingual. Posters are 18″ x 24″ or 11″ x 17″ on lightweight paper. Easy to use for education purposes. Click here to purchase it on the Environment for the Americas online store.

Mar 25, 2017



May 12, 2016
The Western Hummingbird Partnership website is now available in Spanish. Check it out!
Sep 7, 2015
The 3rd International Hummingbird Festival will be celebrated in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. For more information visit their Facebook and the event web site. The WHP Advisory Committee will host an open meeting during the festival to help chart the course of hummingbird conservation. Join us!
Aug 20, 2015
Learn more about the hummingbird species that are the focus of the Western Hummingbird Partnership's conservation and education efforts. The Hummerguide highlights each of these species and provides information about threats to their populations.
May 28, 2015

Oregon State University shares a creative approach to teaching students about hummingbirds and their conservation. Through Hummingbird Watch, teachers and their classrooms examine hummingbird consumption of nectar, explore threats to hummingbird populations, and provide information about hummingbird movements.


Apr 25, 2015
Western Hummingbird Partnership receives record number of proposals.
Mar 6, 2015
This article summarizes current scientific research into the natural history of the Rufous Hummingbird. Read all about it!
Feb 20, 2015
Read the latest news from WHP.
Jan 29, 2015
WHP announces its 2015 small grants program. Find more information on our website at http://www.westernhummingbird.org/about-us/grants
Dec 30, 2014
Catch up with the happenings at the Western Hummingbird Partnership!
Oct 21, 2014
Read the latest news from Western Hummingbird Partnership.
Oct 14, 2014
A new hummingbird guide describes this group of birds and their importance as pollinators.
Aug 11, 2014
Forty years of research in Colorado's Rocky Mountains have taught us a lot about hummingbirds and the plants they use.
Jun 23, 2014
The White House today announced the first comprehensive pollinator initiative ever created across the federal government.
Jun 3, 2014
Join the Bird Education Alliance for Conservation (BEAC) TOMORROW, Wednesday, June 4 at 10-11:30am Pacific time/1-2:30pm Eastern Time for our upcoming webinar: the role of marketing and flagship species in mainstreaming biodiversity.
Mar 24, 2014
Find hummingbird festivals near you!
Feb 27, 2014
Favorite birding site protected.
Feb 13, 2014
Research from the University of Connecticut has revealed the unexpected mechanics of the hummingbird tongue.
Feb 12, 2014
ProFaunaBajam a Western Hummingbird Partnership grant recipient, will  host the first annual citizen science hummingbird monitoring project,on the Baja California Peninsula.
Aug 13, 2013
A newspaper article about hummingbird research and outreach by Idaho Bird Observatory
Aug 8, 2013
A newspaper article about a hummingbird research project in Alaska.
Jan 7, 2013
A new WHP Coordinator has recently been selected.
Susan Bonfield, Director of Environment for the Americas (EFTA - home of International  Migratory Bird Day), has been selected as the coordinator of the Western Hummingbird Partnership (WHP). She will be supported by the team at EFTA and is personnally and professionally excited to work with such a valuable project. This relationship is a natural. EFTA will bring its experience in collaborations, education, and outreach to the WHP. Working with WHP partners will help increase awareness of hummingbirds, their ornithophilus (bird pollinated) flowers, and the need for more research and emphasis on studying our smallest birds. EFTA looks forward to incorporating education about hummingbirds and their conservation into its programs.
Nov 6, 2012
A new WHP publication has been released.
Aug 24, 2012
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May 14, 2010
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May 14, 2010
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Amazing Hummingbird Tongues

Feb 13, 2014

Research from the University of Connecticut has revealed the unexpected mechanics of the hummingbird tongue.