Western Hummingbird Partnership


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WHP will not be providing funds for the year of 2017. Please check back in 2018 for any updates.

To learn more about the grants program please continue reading below:

With regards to the small grants program, in these past few years the Western Hummingbird Partnership has worked to build an effective and sustainable hummingbird conservation program through research, monitoring, habitat restoration and enhancement, and education. WHP has had limited funding, with most projects in the $1,000 - $5,000 range, for activities that have benefitted the knowledge of hummingbird populations and their conservation and public awareness of hummingbirds, especially migratory species with ranges in western Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

Examples of projects that have been funded include those that have explored climate change impacts on hummingbirds, examined the habitat requirements of migratory hummingbird species, promoted habitat restoration, and/or demonstrated successful methods of engaging the public in hummingbird conservation, education and citizen science.