Western Hummingbird Partnership


The Bird Conservation Plans, created by the California Partners In Flight (CalPIF) and PRBO Conservation Science, are for every land manager and researcher interested in improving specific habitats for landbirds. Following the guidelines of the International Partners in Flight Flight Plan, habitat-based Bird Conservation Plans (BCPs) facilitate that goal by stimulating a proactive approach to landbird conservation.

The Partners in Flight Tri-National Vision for Landbird Conservation was announced in May 2010: "Our three nations of Canada, Mexico, and the continental United States are home to more than 1,150 species of birds, including 882 native landbird species. Conserving our shared birds will require a continental, and ultimately hemispheric, perspective and a commitment to international cooperation."

The WHP Action Plan summarizes the background, creation, and development of the WHP, and prioritizes key action items need to continue the conservation of hummingbirds and their habitats.