Western Hummingbird Partnership


The following is a list of ongoing education and outreach efforts by supporting partners of the WHP. This section of the Western Hummingbird Partnership website is dynamic and will change as new projects begin and others end, as projects expand to include more and/or different partners, and as new conservation issues arise.

Title: Develop educational materials and tools that improve monitoring efforts

Project Leads: Dr. Susan Wethington and Rita Colwell

Lead Organization: Hummingbird Monitoring Network

Description: A variety of materials are developed to help inform and teach participating volunteers techniques and skills needed to run monitoring stations. Currently, an Age/Sex identification guide for hummingbirds in western USA and Canada is being developed.

Title: Engaging volunteers in hummingbird conservation efforts

Project Leads: Tice Supplee, Susan Wethington

Lead Organizations: Audubon Arizona, Hummingbird Monitoring Network

Description: Events are planned to engage new volunteers in hummingbird conservation efforts.

Partners: Toyota Together Green, Audubon New Mexico, Arizona State Parks, Arizona Game and Fish Department, Flagstaff Arboretum

Title: Hummingbird network to promote collection and contribution of data to the new hummingbird portal being developed as part of the California Avian Data Center

Project Lead(s): John Alexander

Lead Organization(s): Klamath Bird Observatory

Description: Hummingbirds are the feathered jewels of the migratory bird world, but receive relatively little attention from a conservation standpoint, yet there are indications that populations of at least some of the species are declining. The Western Hummingbird Project (WHP) with its mission of working together to maintain thriving hummingbird populations and their habitats throughout western North America was created to address conservation issues. Two facets of this project are ongoing: One is identifying, describing and archiving existing hummingbird datasets through the Landbird Monitoring Network of the Americas (LaMNA). The other is the creation of a centralized web portal by PRBO Conservation Science for information collection, storage and dissemination. Hummingbird data (banded and unbanded birds) are needed to help advance our knowledge of their life history, habitat needs, distribution, diversity and abundance.

Partners: Landbird Monitoring Network of the Americas, PRBO Conservation Science, US Forest Service International Program, Hummingbird Monitoring Network

Title: Maintain an online bibliography of hummingbird references

Project Lead(s): Chelsea Berns

Lead Organization(s): Iowa State University

Description: The goal of this project is to provide the hummingbird community with a compilation of citations intended to be a part of the Western Hummingbird Information Network. This bibliography will continue to be updated with the most recent hummingbird literature, including conservation, ecological, and evolutionary contributions to the field. In providing one succinct assemblage of data sources knowledge can be obtained more quickly and efficiently, further enhancing the awareness, research and preservation of hummingbirds.

Partners: Hummingbird Monitoring Network, US Forest Service Interational Program, PRBO Conservation Science, Royal Rhodes University, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Title: Provide training workshops for the expansion Hummingbird Monitoring Network's monitoring program

Project Lead(s): Dr. Susan Wethington, Dra Coro Arimendi, and Sarahy Contreras M.C.

Lead Organization(s): Hummingbird Monitoring Network

Description: Training workshops in hummingbird field study techniques and meetings about hummingbird conservation issues are held once every two year for Rivers and Mountains Conservancy members as well as others interested in hummingbird conservation in Mexico.

Partners: Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Universidad de Guadalajara, Rivers and Mountains Conservancy

Title: Student internships for Mexican students for field research

Project Lead(s): Dr. Susan Wethington

Lead Organization(s): Hummingbird Monitoring Network

Description: This field program will train students in a variety of hummingbird field study techniques. The program is typically 3 months, occurs during the summer months, and is available to two Mexican students per year. Currently, the interns will be trained in hummingbird nest study techniques by participating in Hummingbird Monitoring Network's ongoing nest study in the Chiricahua Mountains and in hummingbird monitoring techniques, another ongoing program of Hummingbird Monitoring Network.

Partners: CLO, American Museum of Natural History Southwestern Research Station, YBS, US Forest Service International Program

Title: Western Hummingbird Partnership Website

Project Lead(s): Michael Fitzgibbon, Tice Supplee

Lead Organization(s): Point Blue Conservation Science

Description: The Western Hummingbird Information Network (WHIN) is a website of the Western Hummingbird Project (WHP) that acts as a clearinghouse for information relative to hummingbirds and hummingbird conservation. Our current geographic focus is Mexico, the western US and western Canada. The mission of WHIN is to discover, archive, present and visualize information on hummingbirds, help apply that information to the landscape and conservation efforts, and to identify and highlight the issues and opportunities that are important to hummingbird conservation.

Partners: US Forest Service International Program, Klamath Bird Observatory, Landbird Monitoring Network of the Americas, Hummingbird Monitoring Network, Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Universidad de Guadalajara, Royal Rhodes University