Western Hummingbird Partnership


Habitat restoration is an important tool for the conservation of hummingbird populations. Land managers, conservationists, and individual landowners can restore habitat features that provide essential food and cover for hummingbirds throughout the year.  Below are restoration resources for professionals and landowners.

(If you are aware of additional high-quality resources related to habitat restoration for hummingbirds, please let us know. You may e-mail suggestions to Brandon at bmb AT klamathbird.org .)

Farm Bill Programs for Pollinator Conservation: The Natural Resources Conservation Service National Plant Data Center, Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation, and San Francisco State University provide (1) an overview of Farm Bill programs that can benefit pollinators, (2) a list of on-the-ground actions for pollinators, (3) a treatment of how the on-the-ground actions link up with specific needs of pollinators (e.g., forage foods), (4) a list of additional resources for pollinator conservation, and (5) recommended state-level actions for pollinators.

Attracting Pollinators for Gardeners (Pollinator Partnership)

Attracting Pollinators for Farmers and Ranchers (Pollinator Partnership)

Pollinator Friendly Planting Guides (Pollinator Partnership)

Design a Hummingbird Garden (Brooklyn Botanic Garden)

Gardening for Pollinators (US Forest Service)

California Native Plants Used by Hummingbirds (Las Pilitas Nursery)